What is Gibiru?

Gibiru is a secure search engine that does not store your data, does not sell your personal information, never installs cookies on your computer. Our mission is to provide users a secure way to use the internet.

What’s better about Gibiru than other secure search engines?

Gibiru is built for the user to experience what it means to have complete and secure search. It is truly the people’s search engine. All of Gibiru’s funding is either crowd sourced or privately with the founders. Gibiru is not tied to any VC money nor financial institutions and therefore has full autonomy to maintain our “No Cookies” policy without exception. In addition, Gibiru offers the only search engine that has a “uncensored” function. By indexing on the blockchain we will remove any possibility of censoring or altering our index. In other words, Gibiru itself can’t change or censor our index.

What is the purpose of the Gibiru Token?

The Gibiru Token will be a springboard for many important features and advancements to the search engine. The first advancement will be the release of our Performance Authority advertising Program. Second will be the release of our Solidarity Indexing Program that allows our supporters to help build the index that will be placed on our Gibiru Decentralized Indexing program (index on the blockchain).

How do I participate in Gibiru’s “selected projects”?

The best way right now is sign up to download the “search app”. We will give you 500 tokens and keep you up to date on projects progress and release dates. There will be instructions and information updated on our web page as projects release.

How can I get Gibiru Tokens?

Gibiru will release an easy to use hot wallet that anyone can use. It will not require a private ID to operate. Our goal is to create a wallet that our token holders can access by simply logging into a secure page where their wallet displayed. Those holding tokens will be able to move their tokens to a cold wallet at any time. The cold wallet will require a private ID. Tokens will be earned for assistance in building our platform. Gibiru will not sell tokens or attempt to raise funds with token distribution. Our first release will offer individuals to earn 500 Tokens by simply downloading our search app.



What makes Gibiru Tokens more financially secure than others?

The top companies in the world such as Amazon, Facebook and even Google  have made billions of dollars selling digital advertising. The reason people pay for digital advertising is because it generates revenue. Anything that generates revenue has value. Anything that has value is an asset. We believe Gibiru Tokens are an asset for any e-commerce business because they can be used to purchase ads at a discount. And Gibiru.com guarantees it will accept tokens forever and always.

In what countries and states do Gibiru Tokens have limited functionality?

Gibiru.com is committed to operating in a secure and transparent way, we have gone to great lengths to make sure we adhere to all government regulations.

Persons domiciled or resident in the following jurisdictions are prohibited from using the Tether platform. Cuba; Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea); Iran; Pakistan; Syria; the Government of Venezuela; and Crimea. Verified Users’ access to the Tether platform will be restricted while they are in these restricted jurisdictions.

What Gibiru Token features can U.S. residents access?

Unlike 99% of all other tokens , Gibiru’s Tokens are not for sale nor will be used to fund, share profits or promise any gains whatsoever to the users. Gibiru Tokens will be earned for efforts to improve the platform and can be used to receive discounts for ads purchased on our Performance Authority program. Everyone in the United States can use our Tokens, Gibiru.com has existed as a company for over nine years and does NOT intend or need to use funds from token sales to build the platform or concept. Therefore, they are not a security.

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